LA Marathon: The Expo, Recap

Raciel and I met this afternoon to carpool over to the LA Marathon expo held at the Dodger Stadium. Being a big city marathon, I was expecting a really awesome expo… something along the lines of the RnR San Diego marathon expo. Unfortunately, it was not! The expo was held outside, which wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t so darn warm. And the overall layout of the expo was haphazard and really confusing. There really weren’t a lot of vendors there and no good freebies =(

The first thing we did was head over to the main tent to pick up Raciel and her sisters’ bibs. It took only a few minutes to do it, but when we got the bibs, we discovered that the LA Marathon had misprinted all their ages! So, we got into another line to have it corrected. After we picked up the tech shirts, we headed out of the main tent in search for the Rock n Roll booth and Kara.

The Rock n Roll booth was right in front of the main tent!

They were having a $10 promotional discount for signing up for the inaugural RnR LA half + a free t-shirt. We were able to get $20 off by whispering the word “insider” ;) So, for those who have yet to go to the LA Marathon expo and are interested in signing up for the RnR races, remember this tip!

After we signed up, we asked them when Kara would be showing up and she broke the bad news to us. Kara wasn’t gonna be there. She had a personal thing pop up and she had to cancel. Sad face!!!

This is as close to Kara as I would get that day.

We spent another hour or so walking around the expo, checking out the deals and the food.

Raciel bought a pair of recovery socks here. They had a deal, $35 for the socks and you got a free pair of running socks for free. As she was filling out an informational sheet, I was touching one of the display socks and being the klutz that I am, I knocked that one down, which knocked the next one down… until they all fell down! The guy was a good sport about it and said that I was the 4th person that day to get a strike hehe =)

One of the more interesting booths was showcasing a product that sent electrical charges into your muscles. Their claim is that these charges helped in recovery by stimulating blood flow and it also helped build muscle but engaging them.

Raciel was brave enough to try it! I wasn’t. She said it was pretty painful at first, but she slowly adjusted to the discomfort after a while. The electrical currents were causing her left calf muscle to convulse, which was totally weird! She’s seriously thinking about getting it, and if she does, I’ll try it out then and report back here =)

A little while later we ran into the super tall Chic Runner! She was there repping the Long Beach Marathon for ICR. w00t! It was great to meet her in person =)

We left the expo feeling thoroughly warmed by the sun and with some tasty goodies. My favorite eat so far?

Cascadian Farms Dark Chocolate Almond Granola


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5 thoughts on “LA Marathon: The Expo, Recap

  1. It was awesome meeting you yesterday! Hope you get some good rest today =) and good luck tomorrow! Maybe we’ll run into each other at the finish line partay!

  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for carrying my sisters’ packets and other shyte I bought! LOL. It totally helped that we went that day cos I was able to rest on Saturday. Thanks, again.

    Oh, and you’re awesome for taking that fatty photo of me getting ready to be electrocuted! Beeatch. LMFAO. j/k I’m proud of my buddha belly but vow to get rid of it before the summer.

    Also, :)

  3. ROFL omg! You SO do not have a buddha belly!

    And no problem! It was fun! Just wish Kara had shown up. Now who’s the biatch??? ;) lol jk

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