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So many things to update you guys on! I haven’t been a very good blogger when it comes to writing about my training. But then again, I haven’t really been doing much of it this year. Plus, because I also updated on Running Ahead and Daily Mile, I tend to put updates here on the back burner. Mah bad!

Running Updates:

  • Saturday 4/10 – Seal Beach 10k – I’m counting this as the official start to my training for SFM. Ran 6.2 miles hard in 1:08:22 =)
  • The following day, I ran 3.25 miles, easy, with a coworker at a 3:2 run/walk interval. It was her first run ever, so I wanted to try to make it a positive experience. We took it nice and easy and ran down a portion of the Mountain to Sea trail.
  • Tuesday, 4/13 – Speedwork! – Ran a 1 mile warm up, then ran 4x400m at a 9:40-9:15 pace. Splits came in at 2:16, 2:20, 2:20, 2:21. I ran each under 9:30 pace, my fastest being 9:08 (!!!). Blew it out of the water! Felt good but definitely was spent by the last 400m. Finished ¬†with a half mile cool down.
  • Thursday, 4/15 – Tempo Run – Ran a 2 mile tempo. I programmed Maggie to have me run until my HR reached 75% of MH,. Then I’d go for 2 miles and cap off the run with a 10 min cool down. That totaled 2.85! I guess my HR spiked early on when I tackled a steep hill. Total run took 32:39. I felt good until I got to the into the second mile, then I really wanted to die. Mental note: must redo my tempo run programming! Totally not right!
  • Monday, 4/19 – Long Run – Ran 4 miles, nice and easy. Wanted to keep things at Zone 3. Total time: 53:08. Avg HR at 153 =) Win!

Total: 18.8 miles over the past 9 days

Yippeee! I think this is the longest streak I’ve had this year ;)

Today, I’m suppose to do some a set of 3x800m at a throw-up everything in my stomach pace of 4:43.4 to 4:56.4 each. Ok, I guess it’s not that bad, but I don’t normally look forward to speedwork reps that go over 400m hehe ;) I’ll be pushing it to tomorrow morning since I had a horrendous work day today and I’d rather relax in my warm bed than go out in the rainy evening to do speedwork. Don’t worry, this is all VTB (Virtual Training Buddy a.k.a. Raciel) approved!

Race Updates:

Here’s the ONLY pic I liked from the Seal Beach 10k.

Looks sorta like I’m running with ease! But inside I’m literally dying and the only thing that’s keeping me from falling apart right then and there is the thought of food at the finish line. The other pics were a pure testament to how I was feeling inside. I literally looked like I was going to die lol

I have only one more race coming up before the San Francisco Half Marathon. It’s the Aflac Iron Girl 5k. I’ve managed to convince two of my co-workers to do it also, so I’m very excited! I don’t know what the elevation profile looks on this so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to PR it, but if it’s not crazy hilly like the Firecracker 5k, I’ll be gunning for it! I’m hoping to break the 32 min barrier this time around. I think I can do it!

Misc Updates:

The Boy whipped up some dog tag Road IDs I can have on me while I run. I’ll probably be attaching these to my shoes =) They’re nifty and cute and sooooooo me! Lurve that they’re pink and that my girl in pigtail logo is on it! The Boy did good.

Welp! That’s all for now. Gonna try hard to keep the momentum going this week. Happy running, everyone!

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8 thoughts on “Hodge Podge

  1. Yes, you may defer your speedwork to tomorroz but NO BURGER tonight! Hahaha.

    BTW, that RoadID is *teh bestest evar*. Kudos to Peter for getting you that!

    Keep up the training, my VTB!

  2. @Raciel – LOL I’m gonna try super hard not to eat a burger after speedwork today. But I AM thinking of making my own loco moco. Cheaper and hopefully a lil more healthy? ;) haha Who am I kidding?? It’ll still be a fatty splurge!

    @Dawn – Thanks, girl! =)

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