Motivational Mondays: Google Calendar!

You may be thinking to yourself.. has she gone mad?? It’s THURSDAY, not Monday!

Nope =) I haven’t gone mad (yet),  but I just couldn’t wait to share this awesome idea that Raciel and I have come up with.

We both have some pretty big goals this year. For one thing, we both want to set PRs for all distances. I personally want to set a huge one for CIM, my redemption marathon, in December. My goal is to do it in around 5:30. Raciel also has an uber crazy October this year with a half marathon (RnR LA), her first sprint triathlon, AND a full marathon (Marine Corps) all coming within a week of each other. Craziness!

So, to say that we must be as fit as we can possibly be to achieve these goals is a total understatement.

Our solution?

We’ve decided to share a training calendar on Google calendar so that we’re both aware of what the other needs to be doing on any given day. There’s nothing like being accountable to someone else to get your butt into gear. At least that’s what we’re hoping! =)

If we aren’t doing our workouts… the virtual metal spatula must be broken out! For those unfamiliar with the metal spatula, no, Raciel and I aren’t into anything kinky! It’s a reference to the movie Run, Fat Boy Run. There, Dennis (the main character) is being trained by his BFF and his landlord, who rides a scooter next to him and smacks him with a metal spatula every time Dennis tries to walk. LOL

So yeah… bring it on! You guys now know what we’ve got to do! FYI, Raciel’s workouts have (RaD) in front of them. Feel free to leave your own metal spatula comments if we aren’t doing our workouts!

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9 thoughts on “Motivational Mondays: Google Calendar!

  1. ZOMG it’s PUBLIC! Bwahahahahahaha! *ded*

    Oh, we need virtual star stickers, too. How are we going to check off the workouts we’ve satisfied?!

  2. That’s so crazy, because I have a friend that lives in California and we “share” a google calendar to keep track of our training schedules. Did you know that you can set it up to text you a reminder? I have mine set to text me at 5:45am, so even if I forget to set my alarm, I’m still up when I need to run!

  3. @Raciel – LOL I know.. now we’ve GOT to do our training. I’m scurred for next week when P90X starts. Will I still feel human??

    @Dawn – GMTA! =D Text alerts is a great idea! Thanks! Knowing how long it takes me to wake up early in the morning, I’ve probably gotta set up a few reminders haha =)

  4. Hey! What a great Idea! I love google documents I use them as my trainig log and for my resume and such. They are so easy to share, edit and send! I hope it works well for the two of you!

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