8 mile long run

woo woo!

After a two week hiatus, I finally got my ass out there and logged in some much needed mileage. With only ten weeks left until the San Francisco half marathon, I started to panic! Finally! haha =) But it’s probably what I needed to get out there.

After a short nap, I got dressed and started on a newly mapped out route. It was peppered with some pretty steep hills throughout (I’m out to get you, SFM!), and it also covered some of my more familiar paths as well.

About 500ft into the run, I wanted to quit. I’ve been having trouble with my left shoulder. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but during most times of the day, it’s super painful. And during the first few minutes of running, it REALLY hurt. I wanted to just stop and go back home, but after two weeks of laziness, I didn’t want a failed run under my belt, too. So, I made a deal with myself. I promised myself I’d go at least a mile and if it was still really painful, I would call it a day. But if it went away, I’d keep going. About half a mile into it, the pain sorta melted away.

The pain resurfaced at around 4.5 miles in. I was able to shake it off, but it really came back strong during the last two miles and my form and my pace suffered from it.

Split 1: 12:26
Split 2: 12:26
Split 3: 12:57
Split 4: 13:49
Split 5: 13:13
Split 6: 12:59
Split 7: 14:08
Split 8: 14:44

Total Time: 1:47:09
Average Pace: 13:12
Calories burned: 799
Avg HR: 163

I brought my handheld (with nuun) and I chowed down two Shot Bloks (one at mi 3, one at mi 6). I wasn’t running too hard so I didn’t feel tapped out. I felt great during the whole run, except for my left shoulder. Gotta go get it checked out soon. Keep your fingers crossed that it’s not anything serious!

Welp! That’s all on the running front for me! Check back for some fun, non-running related updates, including re-living my teenie bopper days with Jo Nisha at Wango Tango. Did I contract Bieber fever? ;)

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