My 1st Anniversary

It’s been exactly one year since I did my very first marathon! My, how time flies. It actually feels much, much longer than just 1 year. I guess this type of pseudo-amnesia is what makes you sign up for more marathons ;)

I also just noticed that I did NOT post a single pic in my race report. *gasp!* How unlike me! So, here are a few pics to commemorate the day =)

me and Raciel, shivering, pre-race

Raciel is either pointing out that we made the course cut off time
or where my family n friends are.
Either way, have you ever seen anyone look as excited as I do?? haha =)

crossing the finish line together

post-race, all sweaty, with my medal =)

Going into my second marathon, I feel much, much stronger and way more confident. And although training hasn’t really been ideal, it’s still WAY better than it was last year when I was training for San Diego. I think I’ll be able to defeat that 15 mi wall that plagued me so badly last year. And in general, I feel hopeful for a more positive experience with #2 (CIM).

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. On tap for tomorrow: 9 miles.

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