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by MIA… cause I’ve been Missing in Action. Get it? =D har har har

I can’t believe it’s almost been a full month since I last updated. Sorry, guys! The good news is that I HAVE been running. The bad news is that I haven’t been running enough. Yes, it’s the story of my life. What else is new?

The past few weeks have been pretty jam packed. Get ready for a photo blitz! =)

Midnight Ghetto Bowling

I got off work, picked up the Boy from the airport, pigged out at King Taco (as is our tradition), and then we went midnight bowling at this 24/7 bowling place in Anaheim for a friend’s birthday. It was sooooo fun!

the girls, with the birthday girl (Lauren) in the middle

with Jaymi, who didn’t get off work until close to 1 but still made it out to celebrate

Conan O’Brien – The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour

I’ve never been a huge Conan O’Brien fan, but the Boy LURVES him so we got tickets for his 30 city tour. Before the show, we had dinner at the Veggie Grill. And alls I gotta say is YUM.

I had the carne asada burger and the boy got the chicken sandwich. Everything was delicious, but my fave was definitely the sweet potato fries and the dipping sauce. mmmmmm My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

With our bellies full, we headed on over to the Universal Amphitheater. As we were stopped at the corner of Hollywood and Highland, we saw this rather bizarre group of people dressed up as zombies. It was actually pretty freaky when we saw the first couple of them. I’m not sure what they were doing it for, but I’m guessing it was probably to promote some new movie coming out.

We made it to the Universal Amphitheater with plenty of time. We found our seats and just chillaxed until it began. I wasn’t really sure how I’d like the show, but in the end I actually ended up really enjoying it. It was so freakin’ hilarious. One of my favorite bits of the night was his infamous (as I’m told by the Boy) Walker Texas Ranger bit. He pulls this lever and it plays random and hilariously terrible scenes from the show.

LOL I dunno how that show was on for sooooo long. I suppose it’s all the house wives swooning over Chuck Norris. BTW, did you know that every time Chuck Norris smiles, someone dies? That is, unless he smiles while he’s roundhouse kicking someone in the face. Then two people die. True story.

Through the wonderfulness that is Twitter I found out that Chris and Jen were also at the show, just at the opposite side of the theater =D We managed to find each other at the end of the show to snap this pic.

Sarah, Shane, and Jonah visit

We had a mini-Aesop reunion the following day. It’s funny to think how much time has passed since we were all working at Aesop together. It still feels like it was just yesterday, but in reality, it’s been almost 10 years! From single ladies to mommies, errr… minus 1 (me) from the mommy club, unless you count my two furry little boys =)

Sarah, Shane, and cutie patootie Jonah

lil Colin and Natalie… future wife and hubbie :)

Sarah, me, Cheryl, Sunny – Aesop girlies!

Mother’s Day

Sadly, no pictures from this weekend because I forgot my SD card at home =( On Saturday, we had AYCE Korean bbq.. mmmmmm. On Sunday, my brother and I took my mom to Road Runners to get fitted for her first pair of running shoes! Yippeee! My goal is to have her do the LA Cancer Challenge in October =)

The Running Front

  • April 21: 3x800m @ 9:39 pace sandwiched between a 1 mi warm up and a half mile cool down
  • April 29: 2×1600 @ 10:30 pace sandwiched between a 1 mi warm up and a half mile cool down
  • May 3: 5 mile long run (supposed to be 6, but had weird right knee tweaks so I cut it short)
  • May 6: 4x800m @ 9:46 pace sandwiched between a half mile warm up and a half mile cool down
  • May 8: Aflac Iron Girl 5k! This was an AWESOME race. Race report pending =)

Total mileage in April, a meager 24.8 =(( Running total in May thus far: 10.1. Also not good. Hoping to at least get into the 30s by the end of the month, if not the 40s. here’s hoping! haha

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