Race Report: Aflac Iron Girl 5k

This race ended up not being a good one, performance wise, but it was great in so many other ways =)

I drove down to San Diego on Friday afternoon, picked up my race bib from the Del Mar Race Track (along with some crazy cool ass freebies), and then headed on over to the brother’s place where I’d be spending the night. We dined on L&L Hawaiian BBQ that evening and I promptly fell asleep at…. 1:30am. haha =)

I woke up the next morning at around 5ish, got dressed and headed on over to Del Mar. The 5k wasn’t starting until 7:50, but they were closing off the parking lot (for the 10kers) at 7 so 5kers had to get there early. I got there at around 6:30 and scored an uber close parking spot. w00t! =)

As I was sitting in my car, eating a Luna bar (dark cherry, mmmm) I saw Marissa, Ashley, and Kelsey making their way to the start line. With all the women there that day, we still can’t believe we managed to run into each other!

Marissa, Ashley, and me, pre-race

The race itself was pretty awesome. I loved running with all those women and girls, such great camaraderie. The weather was nice, although it got too warm later on. It just wasn’t a great race for my legs. They were still feeling sore and tight from speedwork a couple of days ago. And even tho I could see that my heart rate wasn’t even tipping itself over 155, I couldn’t make them go any faster. I did, however, manage to run negative splits =)

Split 1: 11:43
Split 2: 11:24
Split 3: 10:44
Split 4: 1:21 (8:51 min pace!!!)

Average HR: 151
Average Pace:11:03
Calories Burned: 403
Overall: 466/1346
Age Group: 90/217


I look so chipper for someone with screamin’ legs lol

they had a photobooth at the race!

This race had some of the best swag ever. Race registration was only $25, you got to personalize your bibs, you got a sport tech race shirt, a very cute medal, a suuuuuper cute Aflac duck plushie, an ice cold Aflac sponge post-race, an insulated lunch baggy with breakfast (banana, yogurt, muffin, orange juice), a sturdy black, Aflac canvass bag, free photobooth, and some crazy awesome freebies (goodie hair ties, Luna protein bars, pink canvas bags, drinks, etc). Seriously, I plan on doing it again next year!

my medal from the Great Race of Agoura Hills was nice and chunky,
but this is by far the cutest medal I’ve gotten for just a 5k =)

insulated lunch bag

Now that my shorter races are over with, I should be focusing on getting ready for the San Francisco half marathon. I’m nervous but still feeling hopeful that I’ll get it in under 3hrs, even with all those scary, mountainous hills.

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7 thoughts on “Race Report: Aflac Iron Girl 5k

  1. First off, congrats on a great race: negative splits, schwag, friends and that cute ducky!! I will totally do that race next year! $25 is a great deal. ^_^

  2. Yesh! The swag was awesome! Maybe you could do an Iron Girl near you! They’re held at lots of different locations.

  3. Ooooh! Little Aflac ducky! You know I only do these races for the non-fitness related perks. My criteria are, in no particular order scenery, climate, swag, medal, cause (if any). I def want to do this one next year… it would be a month before the mud run (if i get to register in time).

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