Yes, I deserve it….

Deserve what you ask?

The dreaded metal spatula.

I missed a full week of running! =((( What can I say? Work takes a lot out of me! But that’s still not a good enough excuse cause I could have fit in at least one run or maybe even two, but I instead chose to be a lazy ass. So, I must bear the brunt of it.

Perhaps I need a Mr. Ghoshdashtidar of my own to ride next to me and hit me if I don’t run… or to hit me when I’m not running when I’m supposed to lol

So, Raciel and I came up with some rules on what happens if we miss our runs.

  • Miss 1 run: Mulligan
  • Miss 2 runs: slap on the wrist… literally (j/k)
  • Miss 3 runs: call out on Twitter!
  • Miss 4 runs (or more): call out on Twitter and a $1 donation to a fund

I’m not at liberty to reveal the details of the fund yet, but I’m really excited to talk about it soon and it’s a good cause! =)

Welp, looks like I gotta light fire to my butt and get out there for some speedwork today :)

Happy running, everyone!

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