My precious

The LURVE the RR running skirt I got 2 years ago. It’s the perfect length, it doesn’t ride up, and it has a handy little pocket on the inside where I keep my cell phone. It has seen me through a ton of long runs and races. Unfortunately, it’s getting a bit old and losing a bit of its shape.

Enter, the Nike Pacer Skirt.

all images courtesy of Zappos

I’ve been pining over this skirt for MONTHS now, ever since I first saw it on Raciel at the Long Beach Half Marathon. It’s just so stinkin’ cute! It has suck a flattering cut, and I think the little reflective dots on the sides are soooo cute.

And I think it’s pretty awesome that it has a zippered pocket on the back of the skirt.

I SO wanted this skirt, but with it retailing at about $60 (darn you Nike and your high price tags!), I just couldn’t bring myself to get it.

Well, I randomly did a search for it a few days ago and found that it was on sale, just about everywhere! The best price I found it for was $36, nearly half off! woo hoo!!! My heart sank, though, when I saw that the only sizes left were Large and X-Large. I’m normally a Medium. Drat. I struggled with it for a bit. But since return shipping was free, I decided to take a leap of faith and ordered it.

It arrived on my doorstep just two days later, just as I was rushing out to work. I brought it with me and tried it on once I got to work. It fit like a DREAM. I’m finally glad that Nike stuff runs a bit small ;)

I haven’t been this happy or excited about a purchase in a long, long time! I freakin’ love this skirt!

Review coming soon =) I plan to wear it during my 10 miler this weekend!

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7 thoughts on “My precious

  1. LOVE IT. I actually have this in black as well as the gray, white and yellow one. They are some of my favorite things to run in!

  2. Fabulous! It looks so cute, I can’t wait to see pictures.

    Thanks for the welcome! California has been amazing and I can’t wait to run my race…I think it’s going to be awesome!

  3. @Erin – I’m soooo tempted to get other colors, too! My biggest regret about the RRS skirt is that I didn’t buy more of it. I think I might just get another one of these babies =)

    @Dawn – Good luck with San Diego on Sunday! I have a lot of fond memories of that race. I’m sure you’ll have a great time =)

    @Page – ooooooh, I absolutely love running in skirts! If this skirt gets a thumbs up on Sunday, you should def give it a shot! Esp now that it’s on sale =)

  4. I have this skirt; I hate it because the shorts ride up and I chafe. It is cute though. Maybe mines just too small.

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