Tummy rumbles of epic proportions

I went out for my 9 miler tonight, but sadly had to make my way home after 2 miles because my stomach started acting up. And by acting up, I mean rumbling and aching and violently threatening to push its contents out one end =P I know… TOTALLY TMI. I’m not sure what it was I ate that upset my stomach, but I haven’t felt this way since my first year of running, when I was experimenting with different race nutrition.

I have only one word for you: GU

I know some of you are huge fans of the stuff, but I personally can’t stomach it. After spending the last 3 miles of a run tightly clenching my butt for fear that I might shat my pants… haven’t touched the stuff since.

Anyway, since it’s already Tuesday, and I’m hoping to more steadily log more mileage during the rest of the week, I’ve decided to drop the 9-miler from my schedule. I’ll do a few short runs this week, then I’ll tackle my 10 miler on either Saturday or Sunday.

Hope everyone’s been having a poop-free running week!

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