Race Report: Rock n Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

Alrighty, so it’s been a month since my last post. I really didn’t intend it to be that long but it’s just been so busy this past month. Between Christine’s bachelorette party, bridal party, her wedding (and finding a proper BM dress), the Boy’s parents visiting (and getting our place ready for their inspection), we’ve barely had time to breathe or sleep!

Running hasn’t played a big part of my life this year. But I’m happy to say that I’m at least maintaining a reasonable level of fitness even without the running. Now let’s get to the meat of this race report :)

Leading up to the RnR LA Half Marathon, I did absolutely NO running. That’s right peeps. I epitomized the very essence of laziness. The last time I  ran was during the San Francisco Half Marathon back in July. And even leading up to the SF Half, my training was spotty at best. So, was I scared? Hell yeah I was! Images of me passed out on the side of the road regularly flashed into my head the weeks leading up to the race.

The Morning of the RnR LA
This race was a point to point race and they had two ways to get to the startline: You could get dropped off near the zoo in Griffith Park and walk about a mile to the startline. Or, you could park at the finish line and take a shuttle over. Feeling lazy and wanting to spare my unprepared legs from any unnecessary mileage, I decided to take a shuttle over. However, shortly after the Boy dropped me off at the start line, I discovered that the line for the shuttle was over a mile long! So I called the Boy to pick me up again and he dropped me off at the start line.

The Race
I met up with Raciel and the LA Leggers after the official start of the race began and after our wave had already started. So we positioned ourselves at the very back of the race pack. Like seriously, we were the last ones to cross the start line. A first :)

me and Raciel with her LA Leggers pals

We ran in pairs, in a straight line, which made it easy for us to maneuver through all the power walkers. We ran a 2:1 interval, which didn’t sound so bad to me, until I found out that their 2 min pace was somewhere along the 10:30/11:30 pace. Way too fast for my untrained legs.

running in the LA Leggers pack, like a centipede!

I was in complete agony during the first 2-3 miles of the race. I could feel my body revolting.  Raciel would turn to me and ask me how I was doing and if I was ok and I’d smile back at her and say, “yep! doing good!” But really, I was thinking… “oh sweet baby jesus, I want to DIE!!!” I managed to stick with the group  but finally had to say goodbye to Raciel and the LA Leggers a little after the mile 7 mile marker.

happy and smiling, even after breaking out of the LA Leggers pack

I spent a good 5 minutes walking after I left the group. During the final 6 miles, I decided not to stick with any particular interval. I just ran based on feel. Sometimes I would run for 8 minutes, then I’d walk for 1-2 minutes. Sometimes I’d only be able to run for 3 minutes.

When I hit mile 12, I started hyperventilating and almost cried because gosh darnit, I was gonna make it! I guess I sorta knew I’d make it. I mean, if I was able to survive Surf City with no training and horrendous weather, I could at least make it through this… but I guess even though mind knew it, my heart didn’t feel it until I hit mile 12.

I crossed the finish line with my parents and the Boy cheering me on :)

Final Stats

finished! with my awesome inaugural RnR LA medal :)

Official Chip Time: 3:03:08

Avg Pace: 13:43
Avg HR: 163

Walking: 18:15min/mi pace, 2.91 mi
Jogging: 12:32min/mi pace, 10:41 mi
Running: 8:29min/mi pace, .16 mi

The Aftermath

My legs were in surprisingly good shape immediately after the race and the next few days after the race. My quads were sore for about two days but after then, I felt completely normal.

My race calendar is done for the year. I had originally planned on running the California International Marathon… which turned into the RnR Las Vegas Marathon… which turned into the RnR Las Vegas Half Marathon. But honestly, I don’t want to run yet another unprepared race. So, the RnR LA Half wrapped up my 2010 race year.

I’m still thinking about what I’ll be doing next year. The RnR LA gave me hope because I know that although I haven’t been running, I’m still in fairly decent shape, and I can get back into shape fairly quickly. I really would love to do the LA Marathon, but with only 15 weeks left to train, I don’t think I can do it.. especially not with the hills they have on the route. So, I might be looking at a fall/winter marathon.

More things to ponder :)

In the meantime, I’m going to try to pepper in some 3 milers here and there, just to get back into running. I think I can manage that, at least!

Which races will you guys be doing to wrap up 2010?

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  1. Thanks Melissa! I totally wouldn’t recommend it but yer a smart gal and wouldn’t do it anyway :) I was really close to dropping out of the race, but Raciel convinced me not to and I’m now glad I didnt :) no more untrained races!

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