Getting Back on the Bandwagon

It’s been more than 6 months since I’ve last done any sort of regular running. I’ve been baaaaaaaaad.

There are a number of reasons why running fell on the wayside, but the truth of the matter is.. I just didn’t make running a priority. Since then, I’ve tragically gained some of the weight I lost over the past year, and I’ve lost a good amount of fitness.

Sad face.

Well, new year, new leaf!

I’m determined to get back on track. I’m still a bit lost with planning my race calendar, but I have a few races brewing up in my head. One thing’s for sure, I need to re-build my strength and fitness and I need to do it slowly.

For now, I’m trying to complete Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred. I’m sure most of you have heard of it. Three workouts of increasing difficulty to be completed in 30 days. That’s 30 days straight of working out, folks.

It sounds hard, but the best thing I like is that the workouts are short, only 30 minutes long. You work in short circuits (strength, cardio, abs), which makes the workouts go really fast. And they, or at least the first level, give you a pretty good workout.

My first day was fairly tough. I could feel just how out of shape I really am. I’m not a lost cause, but I gotta say, it’s pretty sad!  I have hope, though, that I’ll be able to complete these 30 days. The Boy is going to try to do it with me, which is exciting =)

That’s it for now! More to come soon… for real this time :)

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