Big News :)

It’s totally unrelated to running or any other type of fitness activity, BUT it will, in all likelihood, spur more exercising on my part…

I'm engaged! =)

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, the Boy and I got engaged!

Here goes the proposal story :)

I had gotten home very late on Friday night and was tired and hungry from work. I asked if he could make me something quick to eat while I took a shower.  As I was toweling off, he asked me if I was almost done, he didn’t want the food to get cold. I told him yeah, I was coming right out. I walked down the hall and saw the Boy standing in the bedroom. He exclaimed, “Look at what Soybean is doing!”

I looked down expecting to see Soybean up to his usual cute shenanigans. But when I look down, I see what you see in the picture above! Soybean laying down like a perfect angel, with the ring box on his paws. The Boy proceeded to get on his knees and he asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes!

We’ve set the date so, right now we’re deep into wedding planning. We’ve already booked our venue and our photographer. Everything else is pretty much falling into place, but I won’t bore you guys with the details.

In the fitness department. The whole 30 Day Shred thing was a total failure. After 3-4 days of the workouts, my old knee problems came back and I had to take a break. I will, however, be trying to resurrect it now that I have a deadline in mind of when I’m supposed to look absolutely awesome!

Next weekend, the Boy and I will be doing our very first race together, a small little neighborhood 5k. I’m not aiming to race it since, let’s face it, I’m in no shape to race even a 5k. We’ll be taking it easy. I want the Boy to have a good experience so that he’ll wanna do other races ;)

That’s it for the big news. I foresee more updates in the future, so get ready!

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