Back on the bandwagon! =) For reals this time!


After much hemming and hawing and poring over various race calendars and race websites, I finally decided on my half marathon of the year!

Drum roll, please…

Long Beach Half Marathon


LB Course
Beach front run

I really wanted to do a new race, but I was limited by a few restrictions this year.

1. Timing – I promised myself no more untrained races! So, I needed to give myself time to get back into the swing of things… slowly but surely. I’ve devised a training plan that’ll hopefully get me back into 2008 shape (more on this later).  I also wanted a race to aim for before the wedding, something to help me get into shape and lose some weight.  So, that pretty much limited the range to the later summer/fall months.

2. Local Races only! – I’d love to do more out of state, or even international races, but with funds being funneled into the wedding and with an NYC trip already planned in May, it’s just not a top priority at the moment.

3.  Decent Scenery – Although the LB half isn’t the most scenic race, other options didn’t offer much. The only other possibility I was thinking about was America’s Finest Half Marathon down in San Diego in August. It worked fairly well with my restrictions, but when I found out it was the same weekend as my dad’s birthday, it fell out of the running.

So, Long Beach it is! It really has a special place in my heart. Although Surf City was technically my first half marathon, I always counted LB as my very first, because it was the first one I really trained for, blood, sweat and tears and everything :) It also holds my current half marathon PR (2:38), and I would love to revisit it again this year and break that.

So, my goals for these upcoming months?

1. Lose weight! – My goal is to lose about 15lbs. Ideally, I’d love to be down 20lbs, but I’d be perfectly happy losing 15lbs =)

2. Tone up, lose fat, get strong! – More important than just losing weight, I want to tone up the jigglies, cut down the fat, and get stronger!

3. Eat Healthier – Less fried foods, more fruits and veggies. For this first month, I want to start off by eating at least one serving of fruit and one serving of veggies.

4. PR Long Beach! – A goal: 2:30; B goal: 2:34; C goal: 2:37

What’s my plan of attack?

1. April 4-May 3 – Complete Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. I tried starting it back in January, but after 3 or 4 days, it kinda came to an end due to improper lunge/squat form and the resulting knee pain. I’m happy to report that I’m officially on Day 8 (as of this posting) and still going strong. The first couple of days were tough, but now I’m solidly completing Level 1 and I started Level 2 (which kicked my ass and handed it back to me) just yesterday.

2. After this, I’ll have a two and a half week break. I don’t have anything in particular planned for these weeks because for one of those weeks, I’ll be in New York. However, I will try to extend the 30 Day Shred by doing at least 1, but hopefully 2 of the 3 workouts each day.

3. 2-10 Week Training Plans – I’m going back to basics. I’ve tried various training programs and I always find myself going back to the FIRST program. Just a few of the things I like: running just 3 days a week, low weekly mileage, 3 different, challenging runs, and short training programs. It worked well for me in 2008 and I’m going back to it again this year. My goal for the first 10 week plan is to hit an average 11:45 pace, and the second 10 week plan will hopefully have me running at 11:30. Yes, very modest goals compared to you speedsters out there =)

So that’s it folks! =)

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9 thoughts on “Back on the bandwagon! =) For reals this time!

  1. Welcome back w00t! I’ve my metal spatula on-hand and brushing off the dust on my VTB name plate. It’s ON! :D

    post your training sched on Google Calendar, please. Hehehe

  2. Hey!! I am thinking about using the same training plan, because, ummm I’m really lazy, I can only run 3 days a week or else I get burned out and I’ll quit for months. That’s what happened earlier this year when I ran a half marathon without ANY running for 2 months, and the experience was HELL.
    Does the RW training plan let you finish strong?

  3. @Faye – So sorry for the late reply! I only just saw your comment. It’s the FIRST training program, which RW wrote an article on, not to be confused by their own training program =) the FIRST program works really well. You have different goals for each run so it keeps things interesting. You definitely will finish strong. Give it a shot!

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